Decorative Tile Backsplash
This plate on the kitchen wall has a very important function: to protect the walls from splashes while preparing meals; but it has become the perfect place to give an elegant and very personal decorative touch to finish the design of your kitchen.

With the variety of colors, patterns and textures available, tile is the most varied and popular material for the wall of the kitchen or bathroom. Whether you choose a classic subway tile, a rustic mix of stone and glass mosaic, or a modern porcelain or ceramic tile, the possible combinations of these materials are endless.

We invite you to explore our huge selection of decorative tiles. VIERA FLOORS will be ready to install a beautiful tile backsplash that will be part of your kitchen


Glass Backsplash Tile
If you are planning to install a new tile backsplash or simply want to renovate your kitchen backsplash, you may want to explore the ideas of the tile backsplash.

This classic mosaic style is very common in all types of kitchen designs, as it provides a large amount of visual diversity, color and is attractive to any space in your kitchen.

Having chosen the exact tile style, you would use in the renovation. Now you must define the scope of your project, the exact amount of mosaic you will need for your backsplash design. In addition, you must choose the material, the style, the pattern and the color of the tile.


Stone Backsplash
This stone splash guard around your counter will not only make your wall more attractive, modern and eye-catching but will also help protect it from water damage or grease spatter.
Stone tiles are mostly quite large and require spacers to help ensure straight grout lines.