Interior & Exterior
Outdoor fireplaces for those special moments to share at home, and for those cold nights of the winter season, we can create some interior necklaces, making a pleasant atmosphere for any occasion.


Porcelain Fireplace
A fireplace is usually the first feature that catches your attention, when you enter a room joining the other features to make it more beautiful.
If you are building or renovating a space with your fireplace, there are several options available that can be eye-catching for you; However, porcelain is the best option to surround and decorate any fireplace.

VIERA FLOORS recommends porcelain due to its versatile design, durability and safety potential. At VIERA FLOORS we can help you get the most modern and eye-catching fireplace of your dreams using our guaranteed and durable porcelain materials. Installing a striking tile design around your fireplace is one way to make the most striking point in your living room. Available in stone, marble, glass, slate, ceramic and more. VIERA FLOOR offers tile materials, a durable and heat resistant that will also give style to the surroundings of your chimneys, shelves, back panels and homes.


Ceramic Fireplace
Ceramic is manufactured in two forms: porcelain and NO porcelain. The porcelain is dense, fine-grained and smooth. Porcelain is more water absorbing than non-porcelain, making these tiles one of the most resistant to frost. Glazed porcelain tiles are more commonly used in chimneys than unglazed ones because they are more durable and can withstand more wear and tear.
Tiles that are not porcelain are usually finished with a durable glaze of designed colors. These are used both to cover walls and floors. No porcelain is easier to cut than No porcelain.
When choosing ceramic tiles for your fireplace, look for VIERA FLOORS in Orlando, Florida. Call us or send us an email with your requirements.